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“The bags have changed recently. Hefty Ultra Strong was designed with a new technology that allows the bag to stretch and also improves puncture resistance.” She continued: “We made an update to the bag’s diameter to provide a tighter fit so the bag doesn’t fall into the can, but after receiving some feedback, we found that the change in size caused a fit issue for a handful of trash cans. It wasn’t our intention to make anyone wrestle with their trash cans.” At least I wasn’t crazy and felt solidarity with all the other bag wrestlers — including actual professional wrestler John Cena, a WWE superstar whom Hefty hired to promote its Ultra Strong bags in a series of muscle-bound YouTube spots . After some back and forth, I got Katie to concede the ultimate truth about the new Ultra bags. “It is correct to say the dimensions of the bag have been slightly reduced,” she wrote, “but the amount of trash the bag can hold has stayed consistent, due to the flex technology.” OK, it might not stir the same global outrage as New Coke or pose a serious safety risk like Samsung’s battery-exploding Galaxy Note 7. But Hefty’s ham-fisted tinkering seems to deserve a spot on the marketer’s pantry shelf of shame. It’s certainly another case of corporate tampering with a well-branded product that, by my longtime loyalty, needed no fixing. Did the world of household trash storage really yearn for flex technology, especially as the old bags stretched perfectly well? Or was this an example of a design makeover producing an inferior outcome — think LED light bulbs, the Tropicana orange juice ชุดเครื่องนอน ราคาส่ง carton fiasco, or Poland Spring water bottles that crinkle like Saran wrap and spill after the first sip. Or was it a form of corporate penny-pinching, like when Toblerone last year tightened the dimensions of its Swiss Alp-shaped chocolate bars to reduce their weight in the face of rising ingredient costs? It’s hard to know since Hefty didn’t promote its revamped bag design under the chestnut banner of “new and improved.” I don’t begrudge any company for trying to make a more economical or eco-friendly product — a quarter-penny and fractional ounce of plastic saved on every bag could do wonders for Reynolds Consumer Products’ bottom line and the environment.

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